hook twin tie plates

Hook twin tie plates are used for frogs, guard rails and behind the heel of switches. They are produced to AREMA standard design and widely used throughout North America for standard rail sections. Hook twin tie plate is very versatile for fitting most rail sections. Part of its versatility comes from the pre-drilled slotted holes, which allow it to fit almost any rail section. Hook twin tie plates are used in pairs, side by side on the same tie to adapt to different tie spacings, frog angles, etc. The standard AREMA thickness is 3/4”, but a 5/8” thickness is common for industrial rail track work. And these two typical applications are shown as below:
hook twin tie plates design

Hook twin tie plates are manufactured per AREMA plan 241. Hook twin tie plates generally has 3 types of hooks: Type L (Low), Type LR (Low Reverse) and Type H (High). Type H tie plates do not have the slotted holes but have a higher hook designed to fit over the base of a manganese frog. If the hook of a hook twin tie plate interferes with a joint bar, then the hook can be cut off or bent to a vertical position.

3 types of hook twin tie plates

AGICO supplies hook twin tie plates up to AREMA plan 241 standard.

AREMA 3/4'' thick Hook Twin Tie Plates

Mark L23 L27 L31 LR23 LR27 LR31 H23 H27 H31 H35
Unit Weight (lb) 18.80 22.20 25.60 18.80 22.20 25.60 19.09 22.51 25.90 29.30
Unit Weight (kg) 8.53 10.07 11.61 8.53 10.07 11.61 8.66 10.21 11.75 13.29

AREMA 1'' thick Hook Twin Tie Plates

Mark L29 L33 L37 LR28 LR32 LR36 H29 H33 H37 H41
Unit Weight (lb) 30.71 35.21 39.71 29.59 34.08 38.58 31.13 35.63 40.12 44.62
Unit Weight (kg) 13.93 15.97 18.01 13.42 15.46 17.5 14.12 16.16 18.2 20.24

If your rail operation needs to replace or add new hook twin tie plates, please feel free to contact us now. Our rail fasteners experts will help you choose the right type of hook twin tie plates that are best suited to your needs. You can count on us!

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