rail gauge rod

Rail gauge rods are usually used at weak points in track, such as: sharp curves, switched, bad ties, temporary track, etc, where operating conditions do not warrant crosstie replacement, ballast renewal and double-shouldered tie plates. They are great tools to restore gauge quickly and easily in derailment areas. The rods hold tracks to gage by preventing spreading of rails, which can reduce the need to respike the track and prevent tilting of rails. Our rail gauge rods are designed for heavy-duty service at moderate cost, and they are fabricated from 1-1/4-inch diameter steel and malleable steel castings, weighing 29 pounds each.

rail gauge rods

Rail gauge rods can be divided into non-insulated and insulated gage rods, and these 2 kinds of gauge rods both include single end gauge rod and double end gauge rod.

Non-insulated Rail Gauge Rods

  • Single End Gauge Rod has a hook on one end, and a single jaw with nut and spring lock washer on the other end.
  • Double End Gauge Rod has two jaws, two nuts, and two washers on both ends of the rod.
non-insulated rail gage rods

Insulated Rail Gauge Rods

Insulated rail gauge rods are available for the railway track with signals or anywhere that electrical insulation is required. The most common types are shown as below.
insulated rail gage rods

A pair or iron jaws at each end of the double-ended gauge rod grip the rail base to hold the rails to gauge and keep the rails upright against wheel pressure.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of rail gauge tie rod, we supply standard gauge rods for 56-½" track and rails of 60-140 lbs, for both non-insulated and insulated type, with approved certificate of ISO9001:2008 and CRCC authorization. What’s more, we produce various kinds of gauge tie rods, such as AREMA 1-1/4 "insulated gauge tie rod, and other gauge rod used in UIC, BS rails, with length of 600mm,762mm,900mm,1435mm, etc. Other rail gauge rods are also available as they can be customized for you based on your specific requirements.

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