railway insulator

Railway insulator is installed between steel rail and the railroad tie plate to adjust rail gauge and electrically insulating rail clips and track bolts from the interior of a concrete tie or sleeper. It is an indispensable fastener especially for the high speed or heavy load train. The functions of railroad insulators are just the same as that of rail pads. Our railroad insulators are easy to handle, quick and simple to install and give greater strength and increased safety to the railway network. They can be easily adjusted in use, without the need to unbolt them or use multiple pads.

railway insulators

Our railway insulator is made of reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) and its color is natural available in black, blue, and yellow, green, red or others as per the requirements of clients.

Our railroad insulators can be used in steel rails like 60kg UIC rail, 136RE rail, 90R, 75R, 50R and 60R etc.

Packaging: Double-layer woven bag and free fumigation wooden pallet or according to clients' requirements.

Railway Insulator Technical Data

Technical Parameter Unit Technical Requirement Value
Density g/cm 1.3-1.45 1.45
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥170 178
Elongation % ≤4.4 4.0
Bending Strength Mpa ≥250 290
Impact Strength (No gap) KJ/m2 ≥80 85
Melting Point 250 - 270 270
Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×108 5×108
Glass Fiber Content % 30-35 35
Hardness HRR ≥110 118

Railroad Insulators Types

We manufacture and supply many different types of railway insulators. The most common types are E-type, SKL and Nabla railroad insulators used in these rail fastening systems.

E-type Railway Insulator

E-type railway insulator is used in E-clip fastening system, together with E-clips, rail shoulders and rail pads.

e type insulator
e type rail fastening system

SKL Railway Insulator

SKL railway insulator is also called guide plates, used in SKL fastening systems, combined with SKL tension clips, screw spikes, plastic dowels, flat washers and rail pads.

skl rail insulator
skl rail fastening system

Nabla Railway Insulator

Nabla railway insulator is used in the Nabla clip rail fastening system, together with other rail fasteners like Nabla clips, screw spikes and spring washers.

nabla railway insulator
nabla rail fastening system
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