rail fastening system

KPO Rail Fastening System

kpo rail fastening systemkpo rail fastening system in use
  KPO clip Screw spike HS bolt Hex nut Double coil spring washer Base plate
Pieces required 2 2 4 2 2 1
Raw material Q235 Grade 4.6: Q235
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
Grade4.6: Q235
Grade5.6: 35#
Grade8.8: 45#
Grade 5: 35#
Grade 8: 45#
65Mn Casting iron QT500-7, QT450-10, or forging low carbon steel or high carbon steel
Type KPO3, KPO6, KPO9 M24×150mm
M24 ×160mm
M24 ×180mm
HS26, HS32 As ordered As ordered UIC54,UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail,S49 in ordered size
NOTE Standard: DIN5906 Standard: ISO898-1, UIC864-1 & NF F500-50 Diameter: 22mm or 24mm
Length: 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 90mm
Standard: DIN985 Standard: UIC864-3 Standard: UIC864-6

SKL Clip (SKL3 / SKL12 / SKL14) Rail Fastening System

SKL clip rail fastening systemSKL clip rail fastening system in use
  SKL tension clip Ss35 screw spike Flat washer Plastic dowel Guide plate Rail pad
Pieces required 2 2 2 2 2 1
Material 60Si2CrA, 60Si2CrA, 38Si7 Grade 4.6: Q235;
Grade 5.6: 35#
Grade 8.8: 45#
Q235 HDPE, Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) EVA, or rubber
Size skl1,skl3,skl12,skl14 M24×150mm Uls7 For different sizes of screw spike UIC54, UIC60, 50kg rail, 60kg rail, and other sizes as ordered  
NOTE Hardness: 42-47HRC
5 millions cycles without breaking
Standard: DIN17221, GB/T1222
Standard: ISO898-1, UIC864-1 and NF F500-50 Standard: EN10025, EN10139 To insert into concrete sleeper Customized products available

SKL-14 Rail Fastening System (AREMA Standard)

Drawing Design of SKL14 Rail Fastening System
Angled Guide Plate rai lpad in skl14 rail fastening system
Angled Guide Plate Rail Pad
Plastic Nylon Screw Dowel Flat Washer
Plastic Nylon Screw Dowel Flat Washer
screw spike in skl14 railway fastening system SKL14 Tension Clamp
Screw Spike SKL14 Tension Clamp

Composition Rail Tension Clamp Angled Guide Plate Rail Pad Screw spike Flat washer Plastic dowel
Type SKL14 Wfp14K-12 As drawing 24*161mm As drawing As drawing
Material 60Si2CrA PA66 EVA 35# steel Q235 steel PA66
Weight (kg) 0.495 0.17 0.17 0.635 0.048 0.072
Requirement HRC41-46 black 6mm     L=135mm

E-clip Rail Fastening System

e clip fastening systeme clip fastening system in use
  E-clip Shoulder Rail Pad Insulator
Pieces required 2 2 1 2
Material 60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA QT500-7, QT450-10 HDPE, rubber or EVA Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66)
Size Dia. 16mm,18mm or 20mm (E1809, E2006,E2007,E2009,etc) For UIC54, UIC60, 115RE, BS80lbs, BS100lbs, 50kg rail, 60kg rail, etc.
Hardness of E-clip is 44-48HRC;
Toe Load for E-clip is 500-700kgf (Dia.16mm); 750-900kgf(Dia.18mm); 1100-1400kgf(Dia.20mm);
Fatigue life of E-clip is 5 millions cycles without breaking
DIN17221, BS970, GB/T1222 qualified E-clip

Nabala Clip (Spring Blade) Rail Fastening System

Nabala clip rail fastening systemNabala clip rail fastening system in use
  Nabla clip Insulator Screw spike Spring washer
Pieces required 2 2 2 2
Material 60Si2MnA, 60Si2CrA Reinforced Nylon 66 (PA66) Grade5.6:35# ML08AI
Size 4mm or 4.5mm thick   UIC54,UIC60,
50kg rail,60kg rail
Note 42-47HRC
3 million times without breaking
Application for different rail type
Tensile strength:≥170Mpa
Bending Strength:≥250Mpa
Impact Strength(No gap):≥80KJ/m2
Melting point:250-270℃
Insultion resistance:≥1X108Ω
Glass fiber content:30-35%
Tensile strength:≥500Mpa
Yield strength:≥300Mpa
Cold bending:90 degree without crack
Chemical composition(%):
Here are some other types of rail fastening systems for your reference.
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