rail clips

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of railroad fasteners, AGICO supplies many kinds of high-quality standard rail clips, such as: E clips (E1609, E1809, E1817, E2007, E2009, E2055,etc), SKL tension clamps (SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL75, etc), PR rail clips, Nabla clips, gauge lock clip and Deenik clip, etc. Besides, AGICO also offers Pandrol and Vossloh rail clips and non-standard railway clips, which can be customized according to their drawings or samples.

rail clips

Typesof Rail Clips

Type Diameter Weight Material
Type III Rail Clip Ø18 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1609 Ø16 0.43 kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1809 Ø20 0.61kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E1813 Ø18 0.62kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2001 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2007 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2009 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2039 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2055 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2056 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
E2063 Ø20 0.80kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR85 Rail Clip Ø13 0.25kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR309A Ø19 0.85kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR401 Ø20 0.97kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR415 Ø20 0.95kg/pc 60Si2MnA
PR601A Ø20 1.03kg/pc 38Si7
SKL 1 Ø13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 3 Ø13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2CrA
SKL 12 Ø13 0.53kg/pc 38Si7
SKL 14 Ø13 0.53kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Special Rail Clip Ø13 0.48kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Russia Rail Clip Ø18 0.58kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Deenik Clip Ø25 0.49-0.68kg/pc 60Si2MnA
Single Anti-theft Rail Clip Ø20 0.25kg/pc 60Si2MnA

Manufacturing of Rail Clips

AGICO has the complete manufacturing workshop of rail clips. Devoted to the research and production of rail clips for decades, AGICO's product has been recognized and praised by customers all over the world. Nowadays, AGICO is try its best to realize the automation in the whole making line of rail clips. Rail clips manufacturing procedures are as follow: Shearing- Heating to forging temperature - Forming- Hardening—Tempering — Inspection — Packing.

Rail clip manufacturing flow chart.

Ways of packing clips: Woven Bag, Kegs and Pallet, wooden box or upon customers' request.

Surface procesing of rail clips: plain (oiled), Oxide black, color painting.

Rail Clips Assembling Test

rail clip assembling test
assembling test of rail clip

Rail Clips Assembling Test

dimensional testing of rail clips
rail clips dimensional testing

Rail Clips Ready to Ship

rail clips packed in stock
rail clips package


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