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Insulated rail joint is a kind of rail joints, usually used to determine the position of the train for the purpose of safe signal control. It is an essential component in railway track circuitries that controls signaling and broken rail identification systems. We manufacture and supply many different types of rail insulated joints based on the type of force application and installation. Our insulated rail joints are made of steel or polymer composites, and they have many advantages, such as: high safety, strong reliability and durability in all climates.

insulated rail joint

Currently our designs of insulated rail joints mainly contain the following components:

  • two rail sections cut normal to the axes of the rails,
  • one end post,
  • two joint bars (also known as fish plates),
  • six (or four) bolts, nuts & washers,
  • electrical insulation material sheets.
insulated rail joint components

Insulated rail joints are further categorized as bonded or non-bonded insulated rail joints. Bonded insulated rail joints are glued insulated rail joints. Non-bonded insulated rail joints are basically bolted joints having some type of electrical insulating properties.

Bonded Insulated Rail Joints

Bonded insulated rail joint contains the bonded insulation materials wrapped around each contacting surface to electrically isolate them. Bonded insulated rail joints are manufactured in thermal process in factories in order to wrap the insulation materials around the surfaces of all metallic components to ensure electrical isolation of each component.

glued insulated rail joints

Non-bonded Insulated Rail Joints

Non-bonded insulated rail joints are made of polyurethane, bonded to micro alloy joint bar sections. The polyurethane we adopt for manufacturing non-bonded insulated rail joint is a specially formulated compound highly resistant to deterioration by ultra-violet, ozone, weathering, abrasion, or the shocks and flexing stresses of heavy rail traffic. The dense polyurethane material is firmly bonded to the entire rail joint, and provides superior insulation between the joint and the rail.

As a professional manufacturer of rail joints, we successfully enhance the track modulus around the insulated rail joint, which minimizes the surrounding sleeper deflections and hence the bending strain / stress ranges in the joint bars. Our insulated rail joints meet all current international standards, and all the test data is available upon request. And designs can be customized according to your own demands. When ordering, please specify rail size, rail drilling, bolt diameter and elevation.

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