Railroad Spikes Art - Bottle Opener, Coat Rack, Hooks & Knives

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Railroad nails, also called railroad spikes, are most commonly used as rail fasteners in railway tracks. However, railroad spikes can also be made into various crafts, either useful or creative things in our daily life. They have been made into many metal artworks, such as railroad spike bottle opener, railroad spike coat rack, hooks and knives, etc. The following are some of these pictures:

Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

railroad spike as bottle opener railroad spike as bottle opener

Railroad Spike Coat Rack

railroad spike coat rack
railroad spike wall hook
railway spikes as wall hook

Railroad Spike Hooks

railroad spike as wall hook for tissues
railroad spike as wall hook for bottles

Railroad Spike Knives

railroad spike knife
railroad spike knife
railroad spike knives art

Railroad Spike Crafts

railroad spikes art
railroad spikes as snails
railroad spikes as butterfly
railroad spikes as deer
railroad spikes art

Railroad Spikes Art

railroad spikes bird
railroad spikes birds
railroad spikes flowers
railroad spikes love
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