Rail Joint Bar Manufacturing and Drawing Designs

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As we all know, rail joints are also named as rail joint bars, railway fish plates and rail splice bars. As a professional manufacturer of rail joints, AGICO produces railway fish plates with superior quality steel and advanced technology and manufacturing equipment.

As you can view the types of rail joints AGICO supplies there, this page is mainly about the manufacturing, checking and packing of rail joint bars by AGICO.

Below is the video of manufacturing of rail joint bars:

Generally speaking, the packing ways of rail splice bars mainly has two ways: bundled in the wooden crate and iron pallet as the following pictures show. Each package is able to ensure that the rail joint bars are protected from moisture.

rail joint bar packed in wooden case rail joints packed in iron bracket
rail joint bars packed in wooden crate rail joints packed in iron pallet

Before shipment, our workers check the rail joints and remove the burrs in the holes of rail splice bars to guarantee the smoothness and easiness when used together with the fish bolts in railways. The following pictures are about our worker’s removing burrs in the holes of railway fish plates and fixing the wood crate. Moreover, we can add markings according to client requirement on the surface of each splice bar, and we put the marking at the downside in package for better protection. Consequently you should turn over for the marking after you receiving the materials. To secure the packing, we cover the 4 sides with plastic films and then bundled with steel strips to fix the bars on the pallet. The bottom rung/pallet is covered by the upper cap body then. Usually we don't fasten the two parts together to ease your unpacking or recycling for the wood crates. It was tight enough as the two parts matched each other without any space at all. And the wood crate will be fastened and fixed by steel strips again.

worker removes burrs in holes
railway fish plate after removing burrs
fixing wooden crate
packed in wooden crate and shipping mark

We supply the international standard rail joints and the customized types. If you have the drawing, please send us and we will produce the sample based on your requirements and send the sample free for your check. If you don't have the drawing for your needed joint bars, tell us and we will design it for you until you're satisfied. Below are some of our drawing designs for customers.

drawing design of splice bar drawing design of rail joints drawing design of rail joints with 6 holes
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